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HL7 V2 to V3 Migration

Academic graduate-level experience in researching, writing, and presenting on HL7 Standards include two papers and a presentation on HL7 V2 to V3 Migration written in Spring 2013.

This work was my first in-depth effort to learn more about HL7.

I was curious about a scenario where HL7 V3 becomes a requirement to operate along-side, or even at some point replace, V2. How would the person tasked with re-writing a V2 interface to V3 go about it?

I thought about the following types of issues:

What are the similarities and differences between V2 and V3?

Can any instructions be mapped in some way?

What can you do with V3 that you cannot do with V2 and vice versa?

Can commonalities be leveraged?

How can you look at the information V2 exchanges and find the best way to approach exchanging the same information using V3?

What is the impact on Integration Engines?

Are US-based HL7 V3 requirements compatible globally?

Although HL7 V2 is more widely used than V3, particularly in legacy systems, when would V3 be adopted and V2 not at all?
Learning about all of the different health IT standards is important to keep the entire picture of what exists, where gaps are, and how all of the standards are inter-related. This broad picture is important so that one can know which standard to pull out of their tool kit to solve a problem and meet requirements as well as handle evolving meaningful use and other government mandates.
The first paper discussed the standards READ
The second paper discussed migrating from V2 to V3 READ
The final presentation slides READ


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