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Capstone Project: Interoperability

Academic graduate-level experience in researching, writing, and presenting on HL7 Standards includes the Capstone.

At Northeastern, the Capstone is the final work required to complete their health informatics graduate degree.

I partnered with a classmate on the Capstone paper.
I handled all the research and writing. My partner, who is a software architect, had input on my work, but his role was to work on our cloud-based healthcare software (on paper) and construct the system design models to illustrate how the FHIR standard is applied in practice.

We were honored to be asked to present our work in a Key Standards class that our advisor was teaching.

Our paper (with my partner's permission) is linked below.

Also linked is a presentation that is a subset of this material, which I presented at the PMI Mass Bay Healthcare Roundtable.

CAPSTONE PROJECT: Interoperability is Fundamental to the
Success of Electronic Health Records Systems
I presented content from the Capstone at the PMI Mass Bay
Healthcare Roundtable on November 4, 2015


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