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My Resume represents a sample of projects completed over the last 20 years. READ
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Healthcare Technology Standards and Interoperability

My primary healthcare technology interests are standards and interoperability — the core ingredients to forward momentum in healthcare technology.

Efforts to get involved and gain knowledge, in HL7 standards in particular, include:

Master of Science in Health Informatics, January 2016.
Northeastern University, Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Academic graduate-level researching, writing, and presenting on HL7 Version 2.x, Version 3, and FHIR standards. Examples:

HL7 V2 to V3 Migration   This work was my first in-depth effort to learn more about HL7.
Capstone Project: Interoperability   At Northeastern, the Capstone is the final work required to complete their health informatics graduate degree.

Self-education via online videos, white papers, and other documentation regarding interface engines and HL7 Version 2.x, including Intersystems Ensemble as well as Mirth, an open source HL7 interface engine, and time spent learning at HL7Soup and Caristix.

In July 2016, I attended a two-day HL7 FHIR Applications Roundtable with presentations and demos of FHIR-based solutions currently in development or already deployed; most SMART on FHIR. So many possibilities!

In March 2016, I attended a two-day HL7 FHIR Implementation Workshop in Cambridge, MA, taught by Lloyd McKenzie, a recognized HL7 expert.

In January 2016, I attended IHE's Connectathon 101 in Cleveland, a one-day interactive educational event, to learn the process to bring a company to a Connectathon where they can test their implementations with those of other vendors.

Created and tested a FHIR client in Visual Studio by following the blog post “Make your first FHIR client – within one hour!

Used Postman (a browser-based RESTful API testing tool) to explore FHIR using HTTP endpoints on publicly available servers.

Member of of HL7.

Volunteer member of the HL7 work group defining the FHIR AdverseEvent Resource.

I wrote a short document describing FHIR and the why we are working on a FHIR resource for adverse events and patient safety. READ

By paying attention to government policy supporting and promoting nationwide health information exchange out of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) at healthit.gov, I can keep an eye on the country's interoperability roadmap and anticipate future demands.

Let’s work together.

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